The New Standard for Global Recycling Software & Reporting

A complete suite of R2V3 compliant software to track ALL recycling operations activity across all facilities worldwide.

Real-time worldwide recycling reporting with accuracy down to a single pound of material.

Many totally unique multi-device Apps link seamlessly to ROMS (Recycling Operations Management System) to gather geolocated data from any of your operations worldwide.

A fully integrated double entry accounting system that supports unlimited legal entities all with potentially fractional ownership.

Reporting Dashboard

All the data you need at your fingertips

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Demonstrate a commitment to recycling and sustainability at a fraction of your current costs.

global reporting

Global Reporting

Visual real-time reporting of everything recycled, globally, regionally, by country, by state, city, and individual facility in any language.

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scalable data layers

Scalable Data Layers

Get an exact picture of everything recycled to a level of detail that differentiates types of material to a single pound.

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usability integrations

Usability & Integrations

Data harvesting capabilities from anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is an end user with a smartphone.

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Our Vision

RecycleSoft is an entirely new enterprise level software genre

RecycleSoft is a new company but it’s technology has been in development, over a number of iterations for nearly 20 years. Each development life cycle has consisted of almost a complete rewrite but building on lessons learned from the previous cycle. We often had to wait for technology to catch up; think smartphones, RFID and 3D barcoding to mention just 3 technologies that spring to mind.


We make recycling reporting simple yet powerful

Scalability and Function

From inception the RecycleSoft Platform has relentlessly focused on scalability and function – it has to be lightning fast and easy to use. The development iterations were all complete production versions in daily use in a real world working environment. Incremental changes were made on an almost daily basis until these numbered in the hundreds and it became time for the next complete rewrite.

Lightning Fast

RecycleSoft is lightning fast. 100% of all processing is entirely within the database using stored procedures. Everything is encrypted too so even if someone did manage to get to the raw data it would be gibberish.

Data Layers

The RecycleSoft Platform consists of a number of layers. The bottom layer is for data capture and this can be as simple as a single Android App on a smartphone. Alternatively it could be thousands of Android/IOS/Windows/Browser apps on thousands of devices all over the world – and that could be for a single corporate customer.


Choose from our pre-built integrations or we’ll build one specially for you