Revolutionary cross-platform time card application for employers and employees

Employees use the service to clock in and clock out. Employers use the service to establish various ‘rules’ governing when and where employees can clock in/out and to monitor and report hours recorded by the employees.

How it Works

Employees are clocked in or out automatically when they enter their place of work. No more forgetting to clock in or out, no more excuses, and no more headaches.

All platforms are downloadable from this website. Create a free account to set up services.

Once the account is set up, a single location with up to 25 employees is free. An upgraded service allows as many locations as you wish. So, for example if there were 3 locations where employees clock in/out, merely add those 3 locations. Then, just add the employees to those locations. You are now ready to start using RecycleTime.

Any employee with a smartphone can download the Autoclock service and it will automatically clock that employee in/out depending on the distance they are from their workplace or a defined region.

Compatibility & Uses

There are many ways to use RecycleTime.

RecycleTime is committed to providing a stable, secure and easy to use Timecard service across all platforms and devices. This allows your employees to clock in and out through Windows, Android, IOS and the Web. Our mantra is simplicity, both for employees and employers.

Windows (32 and 64 bit), Android and IOS. Just download the Windows Application or App from our website to a desktop or mobile device. There is no installation necessary (under Windows), just double click the icon and you are ready to go! Login using your email address, enter a password and click the ‘Clock In’ button. When you are ready to clock out, just click the ‘Clock Out’ button. It’s that simple! If you are using a Windows smartphone it is exactly the same.

Android. Download the Android APK file from the website or from Google Play which will install automatically.

IOS. Download the Apple PKG file from the website or from the Apple App Store which will install automatically.

Additionally, if you would like to automatically clock employees in and out when they enter or leave their workplace just download the RecycleTime Autoclock service for either IOS or Android.

Over the web, just go to RecycleTime.Com and login using your email and password. You can clock in and out from there as well!

Security & Scalability

We are committed to security, and the platform has been designed with security front of mind. All data is stored on a database inaccessible from any address outside of the server on which it resides. No users access the data directly – all platforms send encrypted data through a single port on the server where it is sent to the database (still encrypted) by proprietary middleware on the server.

We are also committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and are continually upgrading software across all platforms.

Not all companies are the same – some have a single location other have multiple locations containing different departments. RecycleTime supports all company sizes. Users are able to view their clock in/out times based on a rights system established by location head, department head, or company superuser.

So, a department head will have View/Add/Edit and Delete rights only to those employees in that department. Similarly for location heads (or those granted rights) by the location head.

All data is encrypted at the database level so even if a hacker gained access, the data would be gibberish.

Lead Assistant

Imagine you have a salesperson driving around doing the usual salesperson type activity. Drive for miles to a single company, present then on to the next.

Imagine now that there is a lead assistant trawling every company within x miles or meters from the salesperson gathering company details and email addresses for those companies. You set the company types you are interested in and the Lead Assistant does the work. It can even send targeted emails to those companies informing them that a specialist in your field of expertise is in the area.

You also own the data – import it into mailing lists or an email marketing campaining. Set up call reminders for the salesperson – it’s your data.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing is very simple – the service if free for up to 25 employees at a single location. This includes use of all the basic functionality such as clocking in and out, adding up to 25 employees and access to standard reports. It also includes using the mobile apps to clock in/out and the TCG service to clock in/out automatically.

We charge $1.00 per employee per month for our advanced services which support multiple locations and an unlimited number of employees. Advanced services include…

  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Departments within Locations
  • Links to commonly used payroll applications
  • Project support
  • Salesperson/Delivery tracking (Clocking in/out where work location changes)
  • Salesperson Call Reports
  • Mileage Reports

Finally, we offer our LeadAssist program. This costs $100 per month per user.

All billing is automated and we will merely charge your credit card on file on the 1st of every month following the 60 day trial period.

This single low monthly payment gives you the use of all our software for Windows, IOS, Android and the web.

Our site is secured by SSL so anything you send and receive is fully encrypted.

Help & Getting Started

Getting started with RecycleTime.

To begin using the system you first have to register an account online. This is a simple online form which establishes your company as a user in the system. Once you click submit, the system will send you an email to verify the address. Once you respond your account is now set up and you will be able to log in.

When you register, you create the top-level login and the email and password have been assigned Administrator rights. This means you have access to all of your company data. You may also assign rights to users.

The system will automatically create a single user when you registered.

Once you have signed in, you will see the main menu.

To add employees merely click the New User button. Fill in the details and click submit. You don’t enter logitude and latitude at this stage unless you want to – the RecycleTime App provides a very easy way to set these values.

Once you have entered the employee details they are now able to use RecycleTime to clock in and out. They simply log in on the main website using their email and password you assigned. Once they have, they select the ‘Time Card Details’ menu option and just click the ‘Clock In’ button. If they are already clocked in, only a ‘Clock Out’ button will be visible. It’s as simple as that!

Employees with user rights of 8 or above will be able to edit or delete individual time card records.

Once an employee has been entered into the system the TimeCrdGenie Apps are ready to be downloaded and used. There are 2 Apps for each platform (IoS and Android) – RecycleTime and RecycleTimeService.

RecycleTime provides a set of screens which allow the user to log in then clock in/out manually. The user can also view past timesheets. If an Administrator, that user may view and edit other users timesheets. The TCG App should be downloaded and run prior to running the RecycleTime as when first run, the RecycleTime App aligns the employee’s unique phone ID to the employee record.

The RecycleTime merely reports the user’s location and unique phone identifier to a middleware software component running on one of our secure servers every 30 seconds. This middleware calculates whether the employee should be clocked in or out based on a set of rules defined by the Administrator. The service app may be started or stopped by the employee at any time or the Administrator can set rules as to when the middleware should accept location data.