RecycleSoft is extremely scalable. You can use it a little or a lot.

RecycleSoft is an extremely wide and deep application which has been in development for nearly 20 years (over many development iterations). It does a lot! Request a demonstration to learn more.

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RecycleSoft is extremely scalable, you can use it a little or a lot. In fact many users will not even need login credentials. Getting a login does provide RecycleSoft an extra ‘layer’ and will simplify certain activities but it is not required. For example, a signature needs to be uploaded a single time but then RecycleSoft can reuse that signature automatically. If a signature is required but the user elects not to have a login then a signature will need to be re-signed every time.

At the most basic user level RecycleSoft just needs very basic information; the Company name and address and then select the items that are generated for recycling. Someone there downloads the RecycleSoft App and whilst at that address just needs to run the App. Because the App knows it’s position and RecycleSoft has already generated your Geocode data (when you entered your address) it will match the App to that address. Just click the button that says ‘This is us’ when the address and company name appears and setup is complete. You’ll never need to do that again. As RecycleSoft also knows what you generate you are now ready to add recycling weights. Click the item to recycle, add the weight and click enter. It’s that simple.

The next level up merely consists of telling RecycleSoft where each of your recyclables ‘goes’. Now you are able to generate complete Bills of Lading. At this point you will probably elect to get a login so you can upload your signature. When your processor processor arrives (or if you deliver) it’s really simple. Start the App. RecycleSoft knows where you are (if you are delivering) and since you have told RecycleSoft what you recycle there, it’s a simple click. Have the processor sign (within the App) and that’s it. BOL’s have already been generated and emailed to both parties.

The next level is where your processors download the App and get a login. Now it gets even simpler, simply enable Bluetooth and just by being in proximity at either location and you will have the option to ship all relevant recycling categories at the touch of a button. Of course the BOL is automatically generated and emailed to both of you. Also, now that you have a login any BOL generated is stored in RecycleSoft for your viewing at any time. In fact, now that you have a login you can use RecycleSoft for a host of other applications. Create checklists, manage training schedules, manage routes, generate Certificates of Recycling and lots more.


Without knowing it, you’re already at the next level. Now that you are adding data this will instantly be reflected in your Dashboard. This is a ‘drill anywhere’ browser based reporting application. Want to see what you recycled and when at your location by date range? Just click. Want to see the BOL’s, just click.

There are other levels but ultimately you should have all of your recyclables worldwide tracked from production to final disposition and reports and signatures available with a click to back this up.