Simply, accurately, and inexpensively put numbers to almost any (even local) recycling stream

It is not just the physical counting or weighing (which has to be done at some point anyway) but the record keeping at every stage of the process toward final disposition. This is just for universal waste, hazardous waste is even more of a minefield but on a global scale.

It is an old adage that if you can’t count it, you don’t have it. Before Recyclesoft there was simply no way to simply and accurately put numbers to almost any, even local recycling streams without a lot of effort (and cost). In certain jurisdictions, California for example, universal waste is subject to strict regulation, violation of which involves heavy fines. Fear of such regulation and the reporting requirements to avoid the associated penalties has led to huge sums being spent on compliance.

There are usually multiple stages to final disposition for even the most seemingly mundane universal waste. Take something as simple as a lithium ion battery (of which there are a lot). Initially there is the generator (the organization disposing of the batteries). They have to be able to produce a Bill of Lading with at least an estimated weight signed by both the shipper and the consignee. When the consignee gets the batteries they will weigh everything in. Not the estimated weight becomes an actual weight (for billing purposes if estimated at pickup). The batteries are added to others from other generators. Eventually, the consignee will ship the collected batteries to their upstream processor which involves another Bill of Lading. The original generator needs to be able to show that the batteries on the original BOL were included in the upstream shipment. This continues through as many steps as it takes to what is called ‘Final Disposition’. This is a lot of very expensive paperwork but it can be far worse if you don’t have it.

Work Process

Now imagine if this was all automated using a phone, browser, tablet or PC. Simply register with RecycleSoft and add all of your locations that generate universal or hazardous waste. Then tell RecycleSoft exactly what is generated at each location. Then add all of the processors of those waste streams. Someone at each location downloads the RecycleSoft App which ‘knows’ where it is, so it ‘knows’ what is recycled there and where it is shipped to. Your upstream processor also downloads the App. When the shipper and consignee are at the same location RecycleSoft ‘knows’ this. Either party can tell the App that an estimated 200 lbs of Lithium Ion batteries are being shipped from A to B. A signature is collected by the app which is timestamped along with the geolocation (so now we have the who, when and where) and a BOL is generated by RecycleSoft. For those in really finicky jurisdictions where an auditor may require a hard copy signed, RecycleSoft can print these too.

The only reporting option

This process is repeated up the chain to final disposition. It is your organization’s proverbial ‘Neck on the line’ if regulations require you to track to final disposition. You can either have a complex and expensive paper trail or have everything instantly available through the RecycleSoft Reporting Platform.

Now imagine a single reporting capability for all recyclables generated at every location globally. All that is required to make this a reality is to tell Recyclesoft what is generated at each location and where it is processed. Then have someone at each location download an App. Setup is automatic. To see just how easy it is ask for a demonstration today or download a demonstration App.