Recycling Operations Management System (ROMS)

The backbone of the RecycleSoft suite of applications

The principal asset within the RecycleSoft suite is ROMS which is short for Recycling Operations Management System. This is a web based application that has been in development for over 20 years over many iterations. It has been architected to support an unlimited number of concurrent users without compromising performance.


Although most RecycleSoft applications are capable of standalone operations, they are all fully integrated with ROMS. So, for example RecycleWipe, the data wipe software can operate standalone but linked to ROMS it unlocks additional layers of functionality. RecycleTime, the employee timekeeping application, is another example.

ROMS is an extremely ‘wide’ and ‘deep’ application. In short, this means that it covers a very wide range of functionality but all to a very detailed level.

Extremely Fast & Ultra Secure

On the database side, all user data is strictly compartmentalized using a mechanism called a ‘view’. What this effectively means is that each user’s data is, to all intents and purposes, in its ‘own’ database. One user never has visibility of another user’s data. Certain metadata is managed by RecycleSoft and is available for use but this is not a requirement. For example, ROMS uses 3 levels of categorization; think Laptop, Dell, E350. A user may elect to use this ‘Category Set’ which may consist of thousands of items or they may create their own. If a user does create their own Category Set, they may keep this private or they may make it available to the wider community.

The database itself is an instance of Microsoft SQLServer. This is extremely fast and ultra secure. Adding an extra layer of security, all data is encrypted within the database. Any data coming out of the database would look complete gibberish were it somehow intercepted. All entries are sent to two separate servers. In the event one of them goes down, the backup automatically takes over.