REbay App

A key route to market for most recyclers is Ebay due to the vast size of the market. REbay is a multi platform App which is linked to ROMS and provides quick and easy listing of items in inventory. The R2V3 standard requires particular verbiage in all listings and the App through ROMS fully supports this.

Listing on the Ebay site itself can be tedious and time consuming. If the item to be listed is already in ROMS then it is much quicker to scan that barcode, set a few parameters and take some pictures on a mobile device then with a single press of a button the item is listed. This is all sent back to ROMS for reporting purposes.

The App makes extensive use of the Ebay Application Programming Interface (API). Think of this as a series of Ebay levers which are manipulated by the App.

How it Works

Open the App and login using your ROMS credentials. Next, scan the barcode of the item you wish to list. The App retrieves the details from ROMS and communicates with Ebay to get similar existing listings and evaluate pricing options.

The next step is to set some parameters, for example should this be a fixed price or auction style listing. You may use the suggested price or set this yourself.

The next screen allows you to take pictures of the item which will be uploaded to Ebay when you finalize the listing.

Once the new listing is submitted, all photos and the Ebay listing # is transmitted back to ROMS.

Yes, Ebay does publish their own App. The advantage of the RecycleSoft App is that being linked to ROMS it guarantees complete compliance with the R2V3 standard.

At our own facilities we have experienced major productivity increases over using Ebay itself to list items.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing is very simple – the App is $75 per month per user or Ebay Account. That works out at around $3.00 per day.

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