This section applies to E-Waste and ITAD operations only. For pricing on specialist industry verticals please contact your Recyclesoft representative.

We have put a lot of thought into our pricing model and we are uniquely positioned to know our target market. Remember, we were in ITAD and Ewaste processing for 23 years whilst developing this software. So, we feel your pain and know what it is you need solving. In providing a solution we promise never to ‘nickle and dime’ you and we want all of your staff using the system. This is why we allow an unlimited number of users – this includes your customers too, whom you may grant login credentials to. This includes the Dashboard access – a drill anywhere visual reporting system. We would love it if you had hundreds of customers with logins under your account.

We also recognize that pricing is a factor in any buying decision. Just because something may cost more does not mean that it is automatically better. The Recyclesoft suite is 2.4 million lines of tested and debugged code developed and redeveloped over 23 years by former software professionals who were also within the ITAD / R2V3 / Ewaste space. Alternative ‘solutions’ don’t even come close. We are aware of other products that are down for weeks. Others still require 60% to be done with spreadsheets. With the Recyclesoft suite you’ll never need a spreadsheet again.

There are three elements to getting a new customer onboarded. The first is learning your way around the system. Although we will have a support agreement, the first example of how we don’t ‘nickle and dime’ our customers is that you can ask a question at any time and we will help. Only if the solution or explanation requires a GMeet of more that 5 minutes will it be set against your prepaid support agreement.

The second element is configuration. Adding your customers, employees, security levels, facilities, training schedules, checklists and more. These are easily added but it is time consuming.

The last is your Category Set or Sets. You can develop your own but this is a LOT of work. We would recommend licensing a previously developed category set for use whilst you develop your own. Talk to one of our representatives for a more detailed explanation.

Once you have registered you will have 30 days to evaluate the system. During this time we are most happy to arrange further demonstration of how the system can be best configured for your operations.

Once you have registered you will also be able to install any of the apps that work with ROMS. However, we would recommend that you gain at least a basic understanding of ROMS before evaluating any of the apps.