Weights Manager

Real Time Interface between sets of Industrial Scales and ROMS

Recycling operations typically recieve a wide range of commodities which have to be sorted, weighed and assigned as being recieved from a source or upstream supplier. This has historically been a tedious and time consuming task.

How it Works

An industrial scale with an RS232 (serial) output is required. This is connected to a tablet running Windows via a USB connection. Using a USB hub, multiple scales may be connected to a single tablet or computer.

Within ROMS, any user with appropriate rights merely ‘tells’ the system which customer or upstream provider’s material is currently being processed. The Weights Manager interrogates ROMS every 15 secconds and so every scale is updated with this detail. Imagine now that, say, 15 Lbs of CAT 5 cable is thrown into a gaylord box (which ROMS has been told is used to hold CAT 5 cable). The scale will detect this 15 Lb increase and the Weights Manager will add this to stock in ROMS as being from the interrogated customer or upstream provider.

The Weights Manager program is downloadable from this website. Create a free account to set up services.

Compatibility & Uses

The only requirement is that you have scales which support an RS232 or serial port connection. The Weights Manager is the only application in the RecycleSoft suite that does not have a standalone capability.  You will also need a tablet or computer with an internet connection running Windows.



Security & Scalability

We are committed to security, and the platform has been designed with security front of mind. All data is stored on a database inaccessible from any address outside of the server on which it resides. No users access the data directly – all platforms send encrypted data through a single port on the server where it is sent to the database (still encrypted) by proprietary middleware on the server.

We are also committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and are continually upgrading software across all platforms.

All data is encrypted at the database level so even if a hacker gained access, the data would be gibberish.

Real-time reporting.

As the Weights Manager detects weight changes as they happen (and reports this to ROMS) and the Dashboard is effectively reporting any changes in real-time.

Pricing & Plans

Pricing is very simple – the service is $75 per month per location for up to 50 scales at that facility.

Our site is secured by SSL so anything you send and receive is fully encrypted.

Help & Getting Started