RecycleSoft Mobile App

Record Recycling Activity using Multi-Platform App.

The RecycleSoft mobile App is a multi-platform App that allows non ROMS users to report recycling activity back to ROMS. This app runs on Windows, Android, all Apple platforms and even Linux. Geo-location capable devices are ideal but not mandatory.

After downloading the install files, setup is extremely simple. If you have a GPS capable device (a smart phone, for example) just launch the App in the place where the recycling will happen. The App reports that GPS location to ROMS and ROMS sends back the facility details together with what is recycled at that facility. For demonstration purposes imagine that steel scrap and cardboard are the only commodities recycled at this location.

The App is incredibly Simple to Use.

ROMS will have previously have been told what commodities are recycled at that facility and who the downstream processors are for each commodity.  After opening the App the user will be presented with a screen listing the commodities, in this case scrap steel and cardboard. The user merely selects the chosen commodity, enters the estimated weight and clicks ‘send’. This is sent to ROMS. So, ROMS now knows that, for example there is a 50 Lb bale of cardboard at that location.

Over time, the steel and cardboard will accumulate until such point it is time to either be shipped or collected.

Shipping is also incredibly easy.

Through ROMS, the App ‘knows’ what has accumulated and who the downstream processor for each recyclable commodity is.  Regardless of wether the selected commodity is to be collected (by the downstream) or delivered, the App will generate the BOL. If ROMS has a signature on file it may be told to use that image or there is a signature capture screen on the App.

The generated BOL is timestamped and geolocated and saved as a PDF image within ROMS.